LaTeX Exporter site not found

i successfully installed the latex exporter extension ( But when i try to export a site as latex file i will get an error with the messages “Site not found”.

  1. I installed the latex exporter extension
  2. i navigate to site i want to export
  3. i choose export
  4. i choose latex export
  5. the url of my site changes from https://mywiki/view/mysite to https://mywiki/latexexport/mysite
  6. i get an error “requested document not found”

Ist there anything i can do to get it working?

Thanks for the help.

Did you configure short URLs? It may be related to this. I would try to see if it works without short URLs.

We have a muli wiki enviroment. The Latex exporter fails in one of the sub wikis. But it works in the main wiki. It seems that the sub wiki url was configurated (the /bin/ part is missing nevertheless its not a short url ;)), but i dont know that for sure, have to do some research here.
Thanks for the help so far i will check in if a have an update on this topic.