LDAP connection questions/ Also question on logging location in docker


I have set the LDAP connection info within the LDAP UI according per the instructions. So far I have been unable to login with an AD user so here are a few questions and sorry if they are noobish:

  1. User login syntax? Are they using the full UID of user@porky.com
  2. Do they have to register first? (I did try looking on this I did not see a definitive answer
  3. I enabled logging (debug) via UI but since I am running this in docker, are the logs contained within the volume? The only catalina.out I saw was in the host /var/log

Other interesting point was I looked on the DC event viewer for any blips and have seen 0. No positive or negative remarks in the ActiveDirectory_Domainservice log.

Any assistance would be appreciated…been bonking my head on this.

actually I fixed it myself by doing a dsquery at the client site and seeing my base DN was off (oops)

Next question: a user with firstname.lastname can not login. A user without the . can. Is there a way to allow both?

Both are allowed. You should probably take a look at the debug log and see what exactly is wrong with firstname.lastname users.