Lightbox Macro throws Exception

My Lightbox Macro is not working. I tried Lightbox Macro and Lightbox Macro 2 both throw an Exception:
Uncaught TypeError: $(…) is null
start Lightbox:201
updateImageList Lightbox:184
_createResponder prototype.js:7276
start Lightbox:201
updateImageList Lightbox:184
_createResponder prototype.js:7276

Tested in Chrome and Firefox with the latest Macro Version in the Extension Manager.

The Lightbox Macro is using Prototpye.js and Scriptaculous, two very old JavaScript libraries that XWiki is moving away from. Prototype.js is still available in XWiki, but new extensions are advised not to use it. For Scriptaculous we kept only the modules that are still being used by old code inside XWiki, but we’ll remove those also as soon as we rewrite our old JavaScript code.

For now, you should:

Hope this helps,

Hi Schoaf, Marius, all,

For what it’s worth: I plan to release this week a release candidate of an alternative macro to the Lightbox Macro, based on Fancybox, as announced in this recent forum post. Hopefully it will cover similar needs. Should you spot some missing features in Fancybox compared to what the Lightbox is offering, I’ll be happy to know about them.