Limit Option for Document Tree Macro doesn't work

I want to use the Document Tree Macro as a navigation bar.

I’ve already opened a ticket for the blacklist feature to be implemented XWIKI-14290.

But right now I have some issues displaying the right number of spaces.
I have 20 Spaces (without the blacklist feature these are all unhidden spaces) and they are displayed as 15 under each other plus “5 more…”.
That would work but it is not the perfect way to display a navigation bar in my opinion because you don’t have a proper overview over all spaces.

So there is a feature to display more entries: limit=“20” for example.

But it doesn’t work for me…
Has anyone an idea why it doesn’t work?
My guess is that it doesn’t apply to spaces only to pages that are displayed in the tree beneath the spaces. Can you confirm this? And is there a way to “unlimit” the spaces shown?

Thank you in advance
Timo D-W