Link to custom user profile instead of XWiki profile

The link provided in “Last modified by Sarfaraz Nawaz on…” points to XWiki/Sarfaraz_Nawaz.

Is it possible to change this behavior and point to a custom profile instead (created by our extension)? Like Users/Sarfaraz_Nawaz where the users manage their own pages and subpages. That’d be quite helpful. The page XWiki/Sarfaraz_Nawaz is still there, but it’s not that useful for others to view, and users can access their XWiki/ profiles anyway from top right corner.

Hi, see Loading.... We also want to move user pages in Users/ at some point. One idea is to make the profile pages nested page so that users could create as many nested pages as they want.

But that’s not going to happen soon, it’s complex to do without breaking everything.

I think the page XWiki/Sarfaraz_Nawaz is interesting. It has a texarea for the “about” field that you can use to put whatever you want. For example

You could have a link in it that points to your user space. WDYT?

Exactly. That’s what I’ve… and thus I want the link to connect to that page instead. I call it user home page to avoid confusing it with XWiki profiles.

Any plan to work on that? By now, I’m kinda quite familiar with some pieces of the codebase. Maybe, I can try adding this feature myself. Is 80 hrs of work enough for that, roughly speaking? Or you think it’ll take more time?

I think the page XWiki/Sarfaraz_Nawaz is interesting. It has a texarea for the “about” field that you can use to put whatever you want. For example

You could have a link in it that points to your user space. WDYT?

Yes. I could do that, but since the interesting things are on the Users/ pages, we end up clicking twice to go to that page. XWiki/ profiles look uninteresting in comparison. It’s good for users’s own preferences and settings though.

First we need to agree on the concept and how it would look like. Right now I don’t understand your use case fully and how it would work.

Right now we display the user name in lots of places (modified by, created by, in comments, in the drawer menu, in tons of extensions, etc), and everywhere we link to the user profile since that’s what makes the most sense if you want to have details about a person or if you want to make modifications to your user.

We also have the need of being able to add personal pages. The questions I have:

  • How would we link the user profile and user home pages?
  • What link should we put under the user name in all places I mentioned above?

For me, there should be a single entry point to the user and that’s his profile page, which should both allow to see details about the user (his email, his address, his function, etc) and also his home pages (if they’re not private). Otherwise, I don’t see how it could work and how you’d see the user details.

Note that we could also imagine that the user could customize his profile page to have the content he wishes (that’s already possible BTW ;)) but it would replace the user info and the profile tabs so you would loose the ability to have a UI for them. Maybe one option would be to have a new user profile tab that would be called “Home Page” (it could even be the default tab shown when you go the user profile if the user has started entering content for it).



  • profile or user profile means user pages under /XWiki/. e.g /XWiki/Vincent_Massol.
    • (the feature which already exists)
  • home or user home means user pages under /Users/. e.g /Users/Vincent_Massol
    • (the feature we intent to build).

My thoughts is that we create user home under /Users/ like:

  • /Users/Vincent_Massol
  • /Users/Sarfaraz_Nawaz

They’d be like any other non-terminal page, nothing special, though with a wikipedia-like-template. Let me explain it. For us, we use a template which generates a home like the following, where users could fill in their specific details:

We could use a similar (default) template, though a more general one.

  • The idea is that user home are for others to view and thus should have the information you want others to know about you and your work — and it’ll render user profile less useful for others, though it’ll continue to contain all your settings and preferences.
  • The user will have admin rights on his/her home page and all its subpages. Other regular users/viewers would have view/read access only — that is by default. However, the users could change the rights if they wish so, and can even make some pages private (inaccessible to others).

Once we have the home pages, it’ll make more sense to use homes instead in all such places indiscriminately. User profiles can be thought as User settings instead, and thus ideally be accessible to its owners only, as I dont see how others will find them useful anymore.

By link you mean hyper-link I suppose? If so, I dont think we need to support that. Users could still navigate to their own profile by clicking on the top right user icon (which is visible to the logged user only):

Use homes, as people will find that more interesting. :sunglasses:

Single entry makes perfect sense. However, I think it is useful to use home page for that, as that is where most frequent editing/reading will take place. Editing/reading user-settings (which is on the user-profile) is a rare activity.

I didn’t quite understand the problem here. :thinking: