Logo, and other icons (in the admin menu) not displayed

Dear forum members,
In my wiki the logo won’t appear - it is the default logo - whereas it appears correctly in the subwiki. Also some icons of the admin menu are not visible.
We also have a subwiki, and the logo is fine in it, but the icons are not displayed either - at least not correctly.
I checked in developer mode, the address where xwiki look for the global logo is not the same :

  • /bin/download/FlamingoThemes/Iceberg/logo.svg?rev=1.2 for the original wiki
  • /wiki/wikisupportevea/download/FlamingoThemes/Iceberg/logo.svg?rev=1.3 for the wikisupportevea subwiki
    My dev team said they did not change anything in the original settings.
    Do you have a clue of why this would happen ?


Dear community,
Not a single track to help me :pray: ?