Logo are not displayed anymore ... each day

I’m going to be mad with my custom logo: each day my logo are not displayed anymore :frowning:

I have a custom logo and to use it I went to:
Logo: upload a file: logo.png
Ok it was fine … but today my logo.png is not displayed anymore!
I watch history of https://XXX.fr/bin/view/FlamingoThemes/FlamingoDefaultTheme?viewer=history&showminor=true and see no update!
But my page attachments list:
no logo.png file anymore but logo file (without extension)

I use xwiki 9.11.4

Some help will be welcome thxs.

Pascal B

It seem that I’m not alone: Loading...

Today my logo is not displayed anymore.
Page FlamingoThemes.FlamingoDefaultTheme update: inchanged and history: unchanged too but when I’m going to /bin/view/FlamingoThemes/FlamingoDefaultTheme#Attachments, my logo.png is not there anymore.
It seem that there are on logo file (version 1.3) without extension but … if I click on it: /bin/download/FlamingoThemes/FlamingoDefaultTheme/logo there: Error this file doesn’t exist!

To test a fix, I’m going to attachment and upload a logo file (without extension) … and logo.png is come back again!!!
Actually, I modified FlamingoThemes/FlamingoDefaultTheme in object mode to set: logo: logo (in attachment I have “logo” file) then wait and see tomorrow…

Today my logo file (without extension) still here. I will wait a little bit to seeif my workaround working well

It seem that using a custom logo name “logo” fix my issue but is is strange because logo.png is still there.
Maybe this issue is random?

I’ve been having the same issue since upgrading to version 10.1. I’ve followed the Jira topic and added my vote. Hopefully it gets resolved soon.

Did you try to rename custom logo file in “logo”? Actually it seems it’s working on my side (I didn’t restart tomcat since).

Yes, I’ve renamed my file to “logo.png” and uploaded it to the skin. It’s still there today. I will keep monitoring it.

From what I can see, the theme files are actually stored in the database (as are all files unless you select to use the filesystem I believe from memory) so this suggests to me that there must be a database cleanup routine that is breaking/deleting the logo file.

Unfortunately the logo has disappeared for me again. But hopefully it seems this may be fixed in 10.4 or 10.5 according to Thomas’ most recent entry in the jira

<div id="companylogo">
  <a href="/xwiki/bin/view/Main/" title="Home" rel="home" class="navbar-brand">
    <img src="/xwiki/bin/download/FlamingoThemes/CDCTheme/logo.png" alt="Wiki Logo">

Browser Tools shows: "Failed to load resource: the server responds with a status of 404 (Not Found).

Unfortunately I’m still not really sure where the issue come from, just that something breaks the document cache. Would be nice to provide as much information as you can on the jira issue, see the scripts I posted for example.

At our site we had the same effect - but (strangely) the logo gets stable after changing its graphic format to SVG !
Why ? I don’t know - but it works.

Loading... fixed since 10.5-rc-1 and 9.11.6 version

Thanks @Pbas I indeed forgot to indicate it here.