Make a non docker xwiki a docker one

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to update my old xwiki (enterprise7. 4.2)
He was originally installed with debian package, I want to make an updated one with docker.I have already created a new debian 11 and download a xwiki image and a mariadb one with docker. I want to know if it will be some issues because my first wiki was not a docker one originally.
Sorry if I am not enough precise and clear, I am a French student who works on this subject for my traineeship.
Thanks for the help in advance !

Hello @eland,

Since you are migrating from a quite old XWiki version (we are current LTS version est 13.10.2) and from one packaging to the other, I think you can consider to Start fresh, plus Export and Reimport your data see the documentation.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: