Migrated to 14.9 - Extremely slow

I was using for my personal usage XWiki 8.4 for quite a few years now, as a note taking application. A few days ago I decided it was time to migrate to the latest and greatest.

I installed XWiki 14.9 PostgreSQL flavor on Debian 11, through your Debian repository.

Export / Import of data went fine too, thanks to Large Export By Space application. XWiki 14.9 is up and running, with all my data successfully migrated. But…it’s very slow !

Both XW8 and XW14 run in VirtualBox VMs, both on the same host (my laptop), and they both have the same specs :

  • 4 vCPU
  • 4 GB of RAM

Both have also the same -Xmx1024m parameter.

I loaded from the host’s browser a rather long page from both instances. I emptied the browser’s cache between the trials, to try and have fair results :

  • XW8 takes 7 seconds
  • XW14 takes 25 seconds

Below some result with ?debug=true option. It seems EVERY step takes longer with XW14 :

  • Progress with name : 384ms VS 3540ms
  • Execute request : 384ms VS 3541ms
  • Execute template view : 384ms VS 3537ms
  • Render template view : 384ms VS 3537ms
  • Render template (contentview) : 209ms VS 1952ms

Any idea ?