'Missing file input' - 'upload request missing' 12.9

Hello everyone,

i have an issue with uploading attachments in articles ==> images or office documents give me some errors.
I’m using 12.9 Xwiki in tomcat.

I did tchek the maximum size for an upload, and i’m good since one of the previous upgrade set that default size to 1 or 2 GB

-when i try drag-and-dropping a small image in an article it passes after 5 or 6 try. and everytime it doesnt work it shows the following error :
“the upload request parameters is missing” either you didn’t submit or the size exeeds de the configured maxiimum size"
-when i try to convert an office document i got this error : “missing input file”
-when i try to upload an attachment via the attachment tab, it shows a progress bar but ends on an error without further explanations.

I just did an update && upgrade but nothing changes. Seems like i dont find any error on that particular subject or i dont know where or how to search.

I somehow feel like both (i mean office import and attachments) are related but i cannot be sure.

Thanks for your help,
Best regards