Missing required extension - alerts-ui

Hi I am getting an error that I am missing alerts-ui. This is affecting a lot of extensions included in the Standard Flavor. Basically its a blocker for my using XWiki. I have included screen shots.


The issue is that I have uploaded the extension which I obtained from nexus.xwiki using the extentions in Content->Import. The version is v13.10.5.

What can I do so that XWiki detects the extension and I can install all the other extensions?


I did install the xar.

I found that I have problems with uploading dependent extensions.

This is the error

WARN [main] o.x.e.r.i.i.DefaultInstalledExtensionRepository [DefaultInstalledExtensionRepository.java:277] Invalid extension [org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-tag-ui/13.10.5] on namespace [wiki:xwiki] (InvalidExtensionException: No compatible extension is installed for dependency [org.xwiki.platform:xwiki-platform-alerts-ui-13.10.5])

When I use the Content->Import functionality, I can’t upload the extension and then have the xar file appear in repository directory.

Anyone has any idea why that is the case?

The solution I adopted was to reinstall the permanent directory again.