Mocca Calendar 2.7 released


So now there is a new release out for the Mocca Calendar.
This release mainly adds one new feature, that is, recurrent events.
I.e. you now can define events that repeat every day, weekly, monthly, and at a few other regular intervals.

Please note that the update requries a small migration step; the existing events mist be marked as “not recurrent”.
This should happen automatically when installing the update via the extension manager; however if something goes wrong, it is possible to fix it manually.
Also there is a glitch that after the update the macro to show a calendar is broken, because it has been moved to a new location.

The migration notes on the extension’s page explain how to deal with this:

so please read these notes before upgrading and be prepared for a few manual adjustments. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also there might be a few rough corners with that feature. I will try to fix them as soon as possible; so please use the bug tracker to tell me about them:

Requests for improvements are welcome, too, but please understand that any bugs that show up have higher priority.

I hope you like the new feature!

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Awesome, thanks @ClemensRobbenhaar! :slight_smile:



Great new features !



When updating my own production wiki I found some glitches, namely that the update process creates a notification about every single event in the wiki. That creates a lot of noise. :confused:

I collected the known issues here:

I will release an update that will fix these issues soon. Stay tuned, and those who already upgraded to 2.7 let me know when you find other issues.



The update is now released as 2.7.1 and should make the upgrade process much smoother.