New contrib extension: Rights API

Hello XWikiers,

I’m happy to announce that, with hard work from @arcilli and @cdesableau , a Rights API tentative is released and usable. Version 1.0 was already available and now we just released version 1.1.
It’s an attempt to answer the need described in Loading... . It provides an abstraction for the rights set in XWiki and you can use it for doing the following things, from a script or java code:

  • get the rights set on a page, space or wiki;
  • set new rights on a page, space or wiki without having to worry about where the objects are saved and what objects are saved (the API provides an abstraction for this);
  • get the actual rights that apply to a page, space or wiki (including inherited rights);
  • helper API was also added in order to manipulate the abstraction for the rights.

For more information about the abstraction and the API, see . The tickets are in Loading....

For now, all this is work in progress so the API is unstable, it may get changed with each new version.

We’re eagerly waiting for your feedback that will help us make it better and stronger.