New page under Sandbox shown at top-level by document tree macro

I installed the Office Importer 8.4.4 before realizing it came factory-installed. Duh.
I tried it and the Office Macro and realized I needed to configure an OpenOffice server
I pointed it at the LibreOffice already installed on my host, created some new pages under Sandbox, and successfully attached some word docs to some and displayed them using the macro, and then successfully imported some .doc docs and a .xls into other pages using the Importer.

Things went fine at first. But now 2 of the last 3 pages on which I used the importer are being shown at the top level by the hierarchy macro on my home page. The rest are properly shown under Sandbox. And all are properly shown under Sandbox by the navigation pane. But the hierarchy macro on my home page shows the first of the two at the very top, above “Home”, as “Sandbox.Another Word Doc.WebHome”, and the second all the way at the very bottom, also as a sibling of Home, and by its unchanged title, that of the doc that was imported, “Overview”, with no “WebHome” suffix.

  • I had changed the title of the first of those, to “Another Word Doc”. And that is still what is shown on the doc. But why does the “WebHome” suffix appear in the macro output? And not anywhere else - I had already set displayvalue=“title” on my macro line, to get rid of those.

  • The hierarchy macro appears as:
    {{hierarchy excludes=“XWiki.Webhome,Sandbox.Webhome” displayvalue=“title”/}}

  • None of the other dozen children of Sandbox are appearing, due to the excludes.

  • Both of these pages -are- children of Sandbox, as evidenced by their full names shown on their administration pages, and by the ancestry chain shown at the top of the page, which starts with an icon of a house.

  • As stated, both -do- continue to show as children of Sandbox in the navigation pane.

  • I just created another child page under Sandbox and imported another word doc and it is showing properly under Sandbox, if I remove the exclude, with the other dozen, and like them, not at all when the exclude is in place. As expected.

  • Of the two strays, one has an attachment, which was an embedded image, The other has no attachments.

  • If I go to the Sandbox page, and get the list of children, they are all there, including the two.

  • My attempts to move these two docs to be under Sandbox give the predictable result, a message saying they can’t be moved there because that is where they already are.

Why are these two miscreants shown as siblings of Home and not as children of Sandbox by the Hierarchy macro?


I think I figured out the answer to this user error.