New XWiki Contrib repository : wiki-packager-plugin

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently been working on a maven plugin very similar to the xwiki-platform-tool-packager-plugin in xwiki-platform.

We use this plugin to build custom XWiki packages with pre-installed flavors on the main wiki and on any subwiki. The main differences are :

  • A different structure in the plugin configuration to allow the definition of subwikis
  • The possibility to create subwikis and install flavors on subwikis (which is not something for which the platform packager plugin has been made).

I’d like to commit this plugin in contrib, probably under the name wiki-packager-plugin. If you have any idea for a more meaningful name, don’t hesitate.


Project on XWiki Contrib :
JIRA Project : WPP

Why a new plugin and not modify the packager plugin so that we have only 1 plugin to maintain? Is it so different? Does it reuse the packager plugin completely? What I hope is that they don’t do the same things since that would be painful to maintain (duplication of work).


This plugin is made for use cases that might not fit with the product in the coming future, thus, it seems more reasonable to keep them separate.