Notifications macro doesn't work on 11.10.5 in Docker image

Started Docker container for XWiki using mysql based docker-compose.yml (standard install, following web instructions).
Selected “Standard flavor” which installed okay.
I look at activity stream of my user and I have “Unknown Macro : notifications”.
I have not diverted from a standard install, so I presume this is easily reproducible?

How do I get notifications working?

Hi, I’ve just followed exactly the instructions from and it worked fine.

Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard page using the notifications macro:

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 09.47.58

Maybe you had some connection issues when the flavor was installed (you could see that in the logs)?

I revisited it this morning - I found I had a typo in my docker-compose.yml that got introduced by my finger trouble, that made the path to the mysql xwiki.cnf file invalid - so the setup as you say was not working.
I removed the error and restarted from scratch with the file fixed, and it is all working - thanks for the push!