Page Preview 1.0 Released

Hi everyone,

A first version of a Page Preview Application is now available. It allows to display a popover when hovering an internal wiki link. The popover is fired for links with the CSS classes wikilink or wikiinternallink. Here’s below an animated example of the application in action. The popover is supposed to show up including for links that get loaded asynchronously. Beware programming rights are required at this stage.

Thanking @lucaa for her technical advice,


Some feedback:

  • The extension does not work properly on page-internal links, as generated by the TOC macro. In this case it shows the “spinner” hover popup, but it spins endlessly. It probably should not kick in for page-internal links in the first place. (Or alternatively, it should still work somehow, but not just show a spinner icon. :wink:
  • The extension does not show previews for links displayed by the ACTIVITY macro. Probably those have different CSS styles? Could those also be supported?
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Thank you @GOhrner for your feedback. I created two tickets to keep track of the progress about the issues you raised:

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Hi all, Hi @GOhrner,

Version 1.1 is released, it is meant to fix in particular the issue with page-internal links.

Regarding the fact that previews are not available from the list of changes, I think I will publish an issue related to the notification module to discuss the fact that it seems the module (nor the previous activity one) does not currently add the wikilink class to the generated elements. We may consider adding this class to all wiki links rather than letting the Page Preview Application take into account the heterogenity of internal link classes. In the meantime, you could add the target CSS classes you’re interested in to the list of selectors declared in the JavaScript extension attached to page XWiki.PagePreviewer, e.g. replace:

selector: '.wikilink, .wikiinternallink'


selector: '.wikilink, .wikiinternallink, .notification-page, .typePage'

…possibly adding other additional selectors, let us know if you need help to identify them?