Page rename failed

Hello all,

we use the newest xwiki software on ubuntu with tomcat.
If we rename a site, we get the error message: rename failed.
The rename gets done successfully.

How we can stop these error messages?

What do you mean by “a site” exactly ? A page ?

Hard to say without the actual error message :slight_smile:

Yes, if we rename a page or change the location, we get this error.
How can i give you the exact error message?
If i go to Administration => protocolling i see “Unknown macro: display” message.

The display macro is a core macro, several ways to have this error would be:

  • you are using XWiki 9.5 (you really should upgrade)
  • you messed with the jars located in <xwiki app>/WEB-INF/lib/

If you say that the rename gets done successfully but there is an error message then it may be the case that the rename job log contains a non-critical error message that makes the UI think the rename has failed. If you configure your user profile to be an advanced user then you will see the rename job log after the rename operation is finished (on the same page, you need to click on a link to expand the log).

Hope this helps,