Pages organization suggestions

We’ve setup XWiki to handle, among others, pages relative to our software projects.

E.g.: Software A has several topics:

  • application description for a broad audience
  • tutorials, faqs for users
  • technical documents

How would you organize these topics in pages?

Right now I’m doing it in a simple way:

  • Project A page
    • intro child page
    • tutorials child page
    • technical info child page

And I have no clue what to enter in Project A page: a summary of the contents of each child page looks like duplicating content and riskying having it obsolete; a mere list of links to children pages looks poor; maybe moving intro child page text as content of Project A page came up just while I’m writing this, could be a viable option in your opinion?

What do you do?

I would put the into on the Project A page.


What about page titles? Do you always include the main / parent page title in the child page title?


  • Project A page => “Project A”
    • intro child page => “Project A - intro”
    • tutorials child page => “Project A - tutorials”
    • technical info child page => “Project A - technical info”

I’m asking this for two reasons:

  • it may be a little dispersive not recalling the main argument the page belongs to (these would be in-depth, more focues pages), but the webpage has breadcrumbs for that
  • I tried a PDF print of a child page and it doesn’t include any parent title: this could be dispersive
    • it this something that can be controlled with a different PDF template (I’m using the client-side PDF p.)?