Panel with documentTree strange behavior

Hello all, i’m using xwiki 14.
Here is my problem:
I make a semi-automatic menu panel with the usage of documentTree, here is my code (I know it’s not the right way):

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" showTranslations="false" showAttachments="false" root="document:xwiki:Main.WebHome"/}}

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:Research Process.WebHome"/}}

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:Innovation Process.WebHome"/}}

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:R&D Services.WebHome"/}}

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:Data Collection Approaches.WebHome"/}}

{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:Devices and technologies.WebHome"/}}

#if ($hasAdmin)
{{documentTree showRoot="true" compact="true" root="document:xwiki:Tools.WebHome"/}}

Asynchronous rendering


When i see as a guest my wiki on the panel menu i see in the position of the Tools the phrase No pages found . This happens on home-main screen, if i go eg to innovation process it’s ok, without No pages found. But in the code, i write not to see at all if you are not admin.
Also when I see as admin and select some choices from the menu panel the Tools option doesn’t view.
Any ideas?

Ok, an update. After flush cache, the admin view of the panel works fine (all the options of the panel menu tested). But on the guest view i see in the position of Tools option, the phrase No pages found (on all options of the panel menu).