PDF cover font configuration sample


I am trying to adopt xwiki in my company.

I would simply like to configure the pdf exporter.

Following the instructions contained here, I was able to change the pdf cover adding the company logo.


What I don’t completely understand is how I can change the fonts of the text of the pdf cover.

Can you please provide a simple code example of overriding the default style.css so that the font changes from Times New Roman to Arial?

Many thanks

Generally speaking the configuration options you have are indicated here:

Hello Vincent,

I tried using the guide, but somehow I am still unable to get to the solution.

The point is that I tried following the instructions at the chapter called “Override the CSS rules”.

This is what I did:

I created a page under XWiki called PDFClass.

First thing is that, when I used the class editor, the calls is automatically renamed:

so that the URL specified in the document, i.e.




I consider just a mistake due to recent updates so I proceeded.

So I continued adding the properties as specified.
I added style, then xhtmlxsl, then fopxsl then I saved the class page.

Then I created a PDFTemplate page under XWiki.

In the Style box I wrote the following code:

body {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Then I tried to export the Sandbox page


But, still the body appears with a Serif font.

I have attached the relevant screenshots for your convenience.

Where am I doing wrong?


You can watch/modify templates/pdfcover.vm file.

We can see some CSS class (you can add some if you want to)

<p class="author">

then you can try to add this templates/pdf.css

.author {
font-family: "Cabin",sans-serif;

Pascal B

Many thanks Pascal for your help,

I will try it and let you know in this thread