Postpone 12.6RC1 and 12.6 final by one week

Hi devs,

Today we were supposed to release 12.6RC1 but we have some unfinished work that cannot be moved to the next version (because we want to stabilize 12.6 as much as possible) and that cannot be fixed quickly (because many of the committers are off this week):

  • Thomas needs to finish the two last points of Loading...
  • I need to merge the feature-livedata branch into master and make sure it works before 12.6RC1

Thus I propose to delay 12.6RC1 and 12.6 final by one week: July 27th and 31th. I hope this is fine with everyone.



I think I spend more time upgrading between minor versions than I do adding content to the wiki :laughing:

(that’s not a complaint)

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