Prevent creation of new users


I thought that I configured my xwiki in a way where only I as admin could create new users.

But this week I received a mail from my xwiki that a new user was created. According to that email the new profile was created by the new user. That upset me somehow.

How can I figure out how that happend? How can I prevent that?

If you need any information about my settings to give hints, please let me know.

This would suggest that guest user have “register” right. Do you see a “Register” link below the “Login” one when you are unauthenticated ?

If made everything right, I switched all that off.
The login page looks like this:

That’s not what I’m asking.

On the top right corner you have the “Login” link, do you also have a “Register” link below it ?

Let’s see if I can give now the needed information :slight_smile:

On the login page there is no login or reigster button.

Access rights are configured like this:


Is the not disabled “register” for unregistered user the problem?

The “register” right controls who get to use the register action and according to your screenshot the right is set to nobody so guest users inherit it (since it’s true by default).

Also in general try to avoid denying rights unless in some rare cases. If you want guest to not have some right simply give it to someone else so here I think you should make sure “XWikiAllGroup” (which means all registered users) have “VIEW” and “REGISTER” right and unregistered users automatically won’t have them.

See doc at which explains this.