Problem with export to xar with backup and history option

I want to copy a document to different xwiki system with full history, attachments etc.

Using the Administration - Export tool I get 3 options

Select the pages to output

  • created pages
  • created and modified pages
  • All pages

If I use the (default ?) “created and modified pages” option and have only selected one document (with a lot of attachments, a few children documents) and nothing else within the page tree
the export generates a damaged XAR-file.

Exploring it with 7z I found a lot of root spaces - none of these has been selected.
The last space shown in the directory list is XWiki containing a set of XML-files, but ending at XWikiPreferences.xml, which seems to be incomplete as no size is listed by 7z.

It looks like the job was simply interrupted and the that the selection tree has been ignored.

The work around / the correct way:

If I select the option “All pages” the generated XAR file is correct and contains only the selected files.

Both jobs used the options

  • With history
  • Backup Package

XWiki Version: 11.10.10

I have achieved my job goal by using the “All pages” options.

But it could be that there is a fundamental problem.

Unfortunately, when importing, the job simply hangs and no error message appears. It then took a bit more forensic investigation to find the cause.