Publish/unpublish extension

Hi, i’m trying to add this publish/unpublish extension , and i’m a little bit confused about how to set the third and last instruction

Create the class ‘Classes.DocumentPublication’ with the two date fields ‘publishDate’ and ‘unpublishDate’. Hint: don’t set unpublish as “empty is today” or you can’t leave it empty.

Can you please gime me more details about this.

NB: i’m using the 11.10.5 version

Your help would be really appreciated.


If I understood correctly your problem, maybe this will help
So if the extension is already activated, you will need to just enter in object editing mode on the page that needs to be published/unpublished, add 'Classes.DocumentPublication’ and edit the specified fields.


Thank you for your answer.

No the extension is not activated yet, in the installation section they say that we have to create the Classes.DocumentPublication class, i ignore totally what does it mean, i mean is it a JAVA class ?

There’s no Java class implied, all you have to do is to create a class in XWiki from the class editor. You may also have a look at the XWiki data model for a general overview:

For creating a class in XWiki all you have to do is to go to /xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiClasses and create one. A screenshot from class editor: