Raw html folder in xwiki / subwiki context

I want to put some raw html content in the context of a xwiki/subwiki. Outside the xwiki context would work perfect, but I want to use the access right and user management for this content and link to it from inside the subwiki.
Is there a feature to support this?

Regards Rainer

Can you be more specific or provide an example? With the HTML macro you can add HTML content to a page, is this what you’re looking for?

no adding HTML content to a page is not enough. I use a tool, that provides a set of folders an html files, which I want integrate these folders/files into a subwiki context and link to it from the wiki.
Uploading these folder and files to my apache html directory, would work perfectly, except the access right handling of these files.
So uploading these folders/files to a subwiki specific folder and a static user right default behaviour of this static content could be a possible solution, if xwiki provides such a static files/folder integration.