Remove access to More action>Children>Copy for unregistered users

I have another question, sorry: How can you prevent unregistered users to copy a whole page through:
More action>Children>Copy?


i have the same question.
I want to restrict users of a group to only view pages.

What I’ve done is deny the view rights to all users (read: all users of group XWikiAllUsers)
Then allow all users access to special Pages like XWiki, Themes, Icons

But I’ve noticed that users still have the option to copy pages and couldn’t find info which right controls that option.

This page doesn’t mention the copy right:

The simplest option whould be to hide the option via CSS but I want to show the option to users that have access to it…

I’m using XWiki Version 10.2

This is not possible since the permission to do the copy will depend on the permissions on the target page :wink:

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Ooh, well that makes sense :smiley: I wasn’t aware of that.
So to clarify: to copy, you need the view and edit right on the target page?

Yes, to copy you need to have edit rights on the target page (and view access on the current page being copied).

See also (check the comments there):