Remove the Tag filter from AWM?

Is there a way to remove the Tag cloud from AWM?

Each entry is tagged with a customer name so that the entry can be populated in that customers wiki where needed. Currently there is only a handful until everything has been entered but I can see that it will be even more intrusive once they are all added.

I know it is a Live table and that you can set ‘“tagCloud” : false’ though I’m not sure where to do that in AWM.

Hi. See

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Ugh, I thought it would be something simple. Instead of reading the page I had just searched for ‘tag’ & ‘cloud’ and didn’t find anything.

For anyone else who can’t read, edit the application page in wiki mode to edit the live table options.

Hi, glad that you found the solution. The reason there was no specific section for Tags cloud customization is because that’s just 1 use case of an inifinite list of possibilities.

Now, if you want, you could add a section dedicated to removing the tag cloud by editing (it’s a wiki ;)).