Remove XWiki.XWikiUsers's "default_language" xproperty

Hi devs,

I’ve noticed that the XWiki.XWikiUsers’s “default_language” xproperty has been broken for a very long time (I have not been able to trace when but probably more than 10 years…). See for details.

Since it’s such a small use case and since nobody has reported the problem for all these years, I think we can safely say that we don’t really need to fix the code and instead we can simply get rid of the xproperty.

So the vote is about doing that. Specifically:

  • Remove the xproperty from XWikiUsersDocumentInitializer
  • Remove the xproperty from the new User API
  • Remove the code using “default_language” (AFAIK it’s only in XWiki#getLocalePreference()).
  • Update the javadocs and doc on
  • Remove the translation keys that xproperty

Future: I think it would be interesting to add a new xproperty in the future that would allow a user to force a given language. But this is outside the scope of this vote.

Here’s my +1




+1 (and +1 for the future too)

Done, thanks, see