"rename as terminal page" - Edit on miltiple pages at once

I would like to ask if there is any option to change the parameter “rename as terminal page” to remove this check box for certian pages. I’ve been looking into the database scheme but I could not find any parameter that would sugest this option.
The thing is that we are undergoing the migration from confluence and all the pages are defaultly marked with this chechkbox.

Thanks for any advices.

This is an advanced check box only visible to Advanced users.

It’s not removable as it would prevent advanced users from being able to do so :wink:

Sorry I just badly express myself. I don’t want to remove the functionality as it is. I just want to uncheck this option for certain pages in some bulk action or SQL change so we could rebould our three hierarchy.

As I said, this option is only for advanced users. All normal users won’t see it. It cannot be removed.

Could you explain your use case and why you’d need that?


OK so our usecase is like this.
With the File Streams Converter plugin we are importing spaces from atlassian confluece wiki (XML import).
After the import is done every single page loses the tree structure. When we want to repair the tree structure with “move / rename” we have to change this option on the “parent pages”. After that we can move the requestet sub pages to the new parent page. So what we want to do is to change this option so it would be unchceck. Like on the screenshot
Screenshot from 2021-08-12 10-44-02

I was thinking that there might be some value in the database for each page which we could change throught the script so we don’t have to do that manualy page by page.

I hope that the description is now clearer.

Thank you

The default value of “Rename as terminal page” currently depends on the source page. If the source page is terminal then it proposes to keep the page terminal after rename. If the source page is not terminal then it proposed to keep the page as non-terminal after the rename.

After the import is done every single page loses the tree structure

Did you miss https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Confluence/XML/#HWhereismyConfluencehierarchy3F ?

Unfortunately yes I missed the “Cofnluence XML” cause I was looking more on the File stream convertor. The things that are sugested there might actualy help us.
Thank you very much.