Request for a new contrib repository for Roadmaps Application

Hello everyone,

I’ve worked on a Roadmap Application for the Paid Apps Team here in Romania that comes together with some macros and some html displayers.

The application will offer a template for the creation of new pages and a livetable of all the pages. The macros will allow easier addition of roadmap items and capacities. The roadmap item macro will be configurable within the admin page.

I would like a github repo and a jira project with the following details:
* GitHub Name: Roadmap Application (application-roadmap) or something else if it is too general
GitHub username: trrenty
Jira username: tcaras

You mea new roadmap pages, right?

I’m curious. What macros? Could you explain the macros you intend to provide?

More generally, and around the dev use case, we already have 2 apps:

Note that there’s the idea of merging both apps in the future (still unsure if it’s a good idea or not): Loading...

For Roadmaps we don’t have an app yet. It would be good if your new app would allow the team to use it for the roadmaps. See and It would be nicer than what we have ATM which doesn’t scale (no LiveTable/LiveData).

Thanks, this is cool!

Done: GitHub - xwiki-contrib/application-roadmap: Application to create product development roadmaps

Done: Roadmap Application - JIRA



I have currently two macros. One for roadmap items/issues and a simpler one for capacities.

This would be a roadmap issue. You can assign multiple users to it, and different informations. One such information is the status. I made a admin page in which you can add multiple statuses if you want and add/change their associated icons.

The capacity macro is much simpler and only displays the percentages of certain employees and some descriptions.

With regards to the roadmaps, I had a discussion with Marius and got to the conclusion that this application might be used there as well.

As the page can contain multiple versions (roadmaps) we could use this application to create a page for each version. These pages will be later added inside the .org roadmaps page at will. This will also enable us to create a livetable for all the available roadmaps/versions.

This is the current state of the RoadMap class:

  • starting date - date
  • ending date - date
  • status - static list
  • capacity - textarea
  • short scope - textarea
  • detailed description - content

With regards to the roadmap item macro. It could also be enhanced to be more in line with what we already have on the

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Hello again.

I would also like a nexus account for my first release. The username should be the same as the one on JIRA, that being tcaras.

Done, info sent privately to you

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