Request for access to XWiki contrib

Hello all,

I’m working with @slauriere to develop and improve the translator application and glossary application. To make easyer the collaboration and work I would like to have the access on theses repository or on XWiki contrib organisation.

Here are my github profile: Josue-T · GitHub

Thanks by advance.

@Josue BTW I left some comments for you on the glossary app in some PR and I don’t remember seeing any answer. Did you see them?

It’s very important that you follow the dev rules for contrib, ie and if you want to add some important new features to a repo for which you’re not the lead, you need to make some proposal on the forum about it. I saw that you wanted to add some Deepl integration to the glossary app but I don’t remember seeing a proposal about it.


See also my question/comment at Loading... I didn’t get any response.

Hi Vincent, Josué, everyone, Sorry, it’s my fault: I overlooked the rule and told Josué to push the changes directly to the repository. Let’s post a posteriori the related proposal in a dedicated thread on the forum and we’ll see how to proceed with the existing code.


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Hello Vincent,

I’m also really sorry for the inconvenience. @vmassol, I’m really sorry to have not answered to your messages, I didn’t see it. I updated my notification settings so next time it should be better.

And yes as @slauriere said, we will post a posteriori.

Next time we will try to do better, very sorry for this.

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I’ve added Josué to:

  • xwikorg team in xwiki-contrib org in github
  • the contrib-committers group in jira


Thanks for the access. A sorry again for the inconvenience.