Request for XWiki Contrib repository for Infrastructure as a code for running XWiki on AWS

Hello community,
I would like to request creation of a repository for storing Infrastructure as a Code for running XWIKI on AWS Services (EC2 or ECS).

Infrastructure as a code would provide us with Cloudformation templates. These templates are plug and play in nature. On building the CDK code, Cfn templates are generated. These templates act as images for creating AWS Resources on which XWiki would be running.

This repository would be the one where people interested in “Amazon AMI For XWIKI” Project can contribute and will work upon during the GSoC period.

For this, I would like the following tools:

  1. A Github Repository (Preferred name : xwiki-aws-cdk-constructs
  2. A Jira Project for maintaining issues and roadmap.


You’ve been added to the github xwikiorg group, giving you access to all the xwiki-contrib repos.

You’ve also been set as the project lead for the XAWS jira project! :slight_smile:


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