Responsive design issue on live table of 11.10.11 xwiki version


Here my LT on 11.10.11 version with tiny screen:

Have you got the same issue?


Hi Pascal, I don’t see on a clean xwiki instance (12.9)

Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 14.53.14

Maybe you have some custom CSS?

Maybe I’m wrong but I think iI is the setting fault:

It is better when I disable max-width
.xwiki-livetable-display td.typetext {
    max-width: 20em;

And I found this fix:

Indeed this is fixed in 12.3RC1 (which is why I didn’t have it in 12.9), see

You just need to upgrade :slight_smile:

We could also backport the revert from @mflorea on the 11.10.x branch for 11.10.13

EDIT: Actually we should have done it since it’s a regression. Apparently we missed it.

Ok thxs