Right UI: move "unregistered users" to "group" section

Hi everyone,

so this is a very straightforward proposal: I often forgot about setting the right for unregistered users (aka guests) because they are a bit “hidden” in the users section of the rights.

I imagine that the reason of the choice to put this option there is because in XWiki those options apply to a specific technical user named “XWikiGuest”. However, from a usability point of view I think it’s wrong: the settings here apply to a group of users: the group of all users that are not registered in the wiki.
So IMO it would be far more natural to see it in the “Groups” tab.

Another argument for having it here is that we display by default the groups first. So it would be easier for new users to find it.
Note that I’m aware that there’s plenty of work to perform on this UI, but I believe this is a simple change that can be done right away and that would improve things a little bit.


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Another option is to make it appear in both groups and users, but that’s probably even more confusing.

I guess the best would be for it to be outside the groups/users choice (like cut the table in two) but that’s a lot more work in terms of design.

+1 for the move in the meantime

Another option is to add a 3rd checkbox. We would have: Groups, Users and Guest.