Roadmap for XS 12.1 + ActivityPub Extension

Hi devs and all,

Here’s a proposal for the 12.1 roadmap.


  • Visual diff improvements - Marius
  • Investigate and make a proposal for in-line editing (with Realtime taken into account) - Marius
  • Fix Allow to use LibreOffice with several threads. - Simon
  • Activity Pub - Simon (this is a Contrib Extension but adding it here since the idea is to use the same timeframe as for XS).
  • Notifications: new scalable architecture investigation. Test more, run some experiments for scalability - Thomas


  • 12.1RC1: 17th of Feb 2020
  • 12.1Final: 24th of Feb 2020

Feedback welcome, as usual.


Roadmap page is now done: