Roadmap for XS 13.0

Hi devs,

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.0


  • Finish leftovers from 12.x that we failed to finish last year
  • Stabilize with bug fixes


  • Remove Struts (already done) - Thomas
  • FASTEN: Continue Maven plugin - Thomas
  • Finish inplace editor leftover - Marius (carried over from 12.9)
    • Show what page is being translated in inline edit mode (XWIKI-17284)
    • Notifications Macro content isn’t rendering when editing in-place (XWIKI-17323)
    • The view UI is not modified after saving when using the in-place editing (XWIKI-17593)
  • NGI #2 ( - Manuel + Simon
    • Finish leftovers (supposed to be finished at end of the year)
  • LD - Continue work - Marius + ClementD
    • TBD precisely
  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers
  • All: With the time left, fix some critical/major open bugs.


  • 13.0RC1: 18th Jan 2021
  • 13.0Final: 25th Jan 2021


It’s now on

@committers: please update with details of the jiras.