Roadmap for XS 14.3

Hi devs,

Here’s a proposal for XS 14.3.

XWiki Standard

  • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
    • Rewrite Active Installs to use ES 7.x - Vincent
      • To use the latest version of ES but also to make the build work with java 11
      • Loading...
    • Close some issues that were blocked by the move to Java 11 - Vincent (and whoever wants)
    • Continue working on LiveTable to Live Data migrations - Michael
      • Loading... - Replace the Livetable from the Attachments page with a Live Data
      • Note: The work was started and little remains to push it.
    • Attachments pagination - Lavinia
      • Loading... Add pagination for Attachments
      • Note: Work almost done (requires test update)
    • Image anchors - Lavinia (with potential help from Michael on the rendering part)
      • Loading... - Add the anchor id in the image lightbox so that users can copy it if they want to link to it
    • New CKEditor image dialog for consistent styling and more - Manuel
      • Loading... Implement the images style administation backend
      • Loading... Move to SOLR-search based search instead of DB-search based for the attachment picker (including OCR-extracted ones)
  • New work:
    • WYSIWYG Image Dialog Rewrite - Manuel
      • Loading... - Provide a mechanism to switch between the old and new image dialogs
      • Loading... - Create the new image dialog image configuration
      • Loading... - Create the new image dialog document tree selector
    • Client-side PDF export continued - Marius
      • XWIKI-19270: Add support for performing the PDF export using a browser running in a Docker container
      • XWIKI-13658: Allow PDF multipage export
    • Security issues
      • Loading... - Michael (tentative)
      • Loading... - Michael
        • Trying to be done for 14.2 but if not possible, should be done for 14.3RC1
    • Rendering
      • Loading... - Add rendering entry points for the PAGE_ATTACHMENT entity type - Thomas
      • Loading... - Relative links are not updated in translated documents on document rename - Thomas (during BFDs)
      • Loading... - Relative links to self typed as “doc” are not updated correctly on rename - Thomas (during BFDs)
      • (if enough time) Loading... - ???
      • (if enough time) Loading... - ???
      • (if enough time) Loading... - ???
    • Upload of attachment without save - Loading... - Simon
      • Needed for CR work
  • Dropped from Roadmap for now:
    • Finish Realtime for 13.x - Marius
      • Loading... - Bundle the real-time Wiki and WYSIWYG editors in XWiki Standard
      • Loading... - Scroll position changes when the content of the Realtime Wiki Editor is updated as a result of a remote change
      • Loading... - Editing the same page with different realtime editors (Wiki and WYSIWYG) doesn’t work properly
      • Loading... - In case of merge conflict choosing “Reload editors” won’t refresh the content
      • Loading... - The autosave doesn’t behave nicely when a merge conflict occurs
    • Continue working on LiveTable to Live Data migrations - Michael
      • Loading... - Support generating Live Data instead of LiveTable in App Within Minutes
      • Loading... - Support tag clouds on Live Data
      • Loading... - Replace the livetable in App Within Minutes home with a Live Data (if there is time)
      • Loading... - Replace the livetable from the restore deleted page form with a Live Data (if there is time)
    • Redirect on delete - ???
      • To be done in 14.4

Contrib & Others

  • Outstanding from previous roadmaps:
    • Add support for the new Image Caption syntax in the LaTeX Renderer - Michael
      • Loading... - Add support for figures and captions created using the new figure syntax
    • Infra: Try to understand the doc cache issue on - Thomas
  • New work:
    • Numbered Content Application - Michael
      • Loading... - Support referencing automatically and manually set ids on images
    • FASTEN work - Thomas
      • Loading... - Report security vulnerabilities in installed extensions
      • Loading... - Propose macros located in not yet installed extensions in the WYSIWYG
    • Replication - Thomas
      • Loading... - Replicate ratings
      • Loading... - Show a banner for document with a replication conflict until it’s reviewed
    • Change Request - Simon
      • Loading... - Change request with attachment support
      • Loading... - Navigation from change request timeline


  • All: BFDs on Thursdays
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 14.3 RC1: 18th of April 2022 (3 weeks)
  • 14.3 Final: 25th of April 2022 (1 week)


The roadmap page has now been updated:

Please check that all is ok. Thx!