Roadmap for XWiki 13.10

Hi devs,

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.10

To be done before the 13.9 release:

  • LT->LD conversions - Michael + Manuel
    • Finish merging PRs done by Michael - Manuel
  • Add the ability to annotate content located inside the HTML rendering macro - Lavinia + Marius
    • Finish merging the PR - Marius

Past work to continue/finish:

  • FASTEN: Thomas
    • If fasten is released
      • Start using the FASTEN Maven plugin in the XWiki build (but currently blocked by a released of the fasten-core which is still only SNAPSHOT)
      • Start working on a FASTEN extension to analyze installed dependencies and report FASTEN risks
  • Security issues
    • XWIKI-18600 - Vincent
    • XWIKI-6729 - ???
  • Realtime integration in XS - Marius
    • Bundle the realtime Wiki & WYSIWYG editors in XWiki Standard
    • Add a configuration section to enable realtime editing (disabled by default)
    • Handle the edit lock page (join existing realtime editing session or edit alone)
    • Fix the tool bar styles for the realtime WYSIWYG editor
    • Make the real-time WYSIWYG editor work in-place
    • See if we can split the realtime WYSIWYG editor in two: the generic (reusable) part and the CKEditor-specific part.
    • Realtime sessions aren’t working on IE 11:
      • Vincent: Note that a possibility is voting to remove IE11 support in XWiki :wink:
  • Make XWiki run on Java 17 - Vincent
  • Other Blocker issues

Contrib work:


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.10RC1: 22nd of November (4 weeks)
  • 13.10Final: 29th of November (1 week)

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@committers: please review and transform all text into jira issues.