Roadmap for XWiki 13.8

Hi devs,

Main theme for 13.x


Content for 13.8

  • FASTEN: Thomas
    • Finish first version of the license validation analyzer in the Maven plugin
    • If fasten is released
      • Start using the FASTEN Maven plugin in the XWiki build (but currently blocked by a released of the fasten-core which is still only SNAPSHOT)
      • Start working on a FASTEN extension to analyze installed dependencies and report FASTEN risks
  • Manuel - LD stabilization:
    • Loading... No exception mapper found in some conditions
    • Loading... More details for livedata exceptions
    • Loading... - Reduce the size of information message box below LiveData Tables to ensure consistency
    • Improving LD performance (improving less compilation time on first render)
  • Continue converting LT to LD (if some time remain after stabilizing LD): CryptPad - Manuel
  • Security issues - Guillaume C
    • XWIKI-6729
    • XWIKI-10229
    • XWIKI-18850
    • Running on xwiki
    • XWIKI-16544 (Done, has to be pushed to master)
    • XWIKI-18600 (Done, has to be pushed to master)
  • Realtime integration in XS - Marius
    • Finish XWIKI-18860: Cleanup and integrate the Netflux front-end (realtime-netflux-frontend)
      • Netflux front-end should not depend on CKEditor (it should work with the configured WYSIWYG editor); for this we may need some new APIs in xwiki-platform-wysiwyg (shared by all WYSIWYG editor implementations).
      • Convert Netflux front-end wiki page services (Merge, GetKey, Version, HTML Conveter) to REST resources for faster response time (avoid Velocity parsing).
      • Use proper / standard translation mechanism for Netflux front-end JavaScript (use proper translation mechanism (load translation keys using the new REST API that was recently introduced for Live Data).
      • Write tests (for the JavaScript code and for the services)
    • XWIKI-18861: Cleanup and integrate the real-time Wiki editor (rtWiki)
    • XWIKI-18862: Cleanup and integrate the real-time WYSIWYG editor (rtWysiwyg)
  • Instance Replication work - Thomas
  • Change Request work - Simon
    • Request page deletion - Loading...
    • Continue brainstorming about approvers design (right or xobject)
    • Investigate on discussions


  • All: BFD
  • All: Fix flickers


  • 13.8RC1: 20th of September (3 weeks)
  • 13.8Final: 27th of September (1 week)
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