Roadmaps for XS 11.10.1 & 11.10.2

Hi devs,

XS 11.10 is being released today according to the schedule. This is the last major release of the 11.x cycle. We now have 2 bug fix releases planned for December: 11.10.1 (15 days) & 11.10.2 (15 days).

So starting today we’re going to close small leftovers on features done in the 11.x cycle + focus on bug fixing.

Please let us know if you have a specific list of bugs you consider important but beware that we need to tackle simple bugs as much as possible since our goals is to stabilize the release in order to have a LTS by the end of December. Thus please favor bugs that are new in 11.x and not some long-standing (and usually complex) ones that pre-existed before 11.x.


I forgot to propose dates so here it is:

  • 11.10.1: 9th of December
  • 11.10.2: 30th of December