Savings on Global Administration are not using xwiki.webapppath

I’m using XWiki 12.2 deployed on Tomcat 9 with the WAR file.

When I deployed XWiki it was on the /xwiki path, then I moved it on the root path (/).
I kept the Tomcat XWiki application in the /xwiki context, and configured the reverse proxy on Apache2 as following:

    # XWiki
    <Location />
            Require all granted

I also configured xwiki.webapppath= to allow it running at root URL.

It’s working and page URLs and links are correct, and the whole Wiki is using the correct path, and static resources are well linked.

But I’m having some problem on the administration section: I can browse it, but when I save some changes I am redirect to a wrong URL on the old /xwiki path which returns 404.

Could you help me to solve this problem, please?