Search function not working


I was called to troubleshoot a problem about xWiki in our client environment. So they can search in a remote repository they used OSS( open search server) integrated in the search page of xWiki, today they want to dissociate xWiki and OSS and the search function is not working anymore, results are just showing in the suggestion pop-up, i tried to backup the xWiki and restore it in a new one but it prompts me an error

2017-10-11 14_07_26-

How can i restore the default search function in xWiki and retore the data with my backup ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you have any error in the logs?

The issue is most likely a size issue. 340MB is too large for a DB. See and

Thank you for the response, actually i changed the size in a configuration file as said in documentation, i’ve set maximum size to 350mb, when i go to the backup file i see all pages stored in xml extension, i just want to import all pages and test the search function to see if it’s working so i can redo the same thing in my client environment, for the moment i do that locally. I don’t know if it’s a DB issue, i installed the Standalone xWiki version.

You won’t be able to do that with the standalone version which uses HSQLDB and which puts everything in memory. You need FS-based attachments for such large sizes.

Okey, i’ll uninstall the actual standalone version, which one should i go for ?