Searching for macros in wiki environment

Hello everybody,

where in xwiki you can find macros like:





in the file structure and inherit them to other children wikis

Maybe someone here can help me

Thanks for your help in advance

Using XWiki 11.10.2

You should be able to find all macros defined in your wiki at https://<>/xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/XWikiSyntaxMacrosList

There are macros that are defined in wiki pages; their names are linked to that page in the leftmost column. Others are not linked, as they are defined in Java components. The latter should be available in all wikis, unless they come from an extension only installed in the main wiki.

The “children” macro is defined in an XWiki page. (I think, the “example” macro, too.) Click on the link pointing to the page which defines that macro. Try to edit that page. You should get a warning that this macro belongs to some extension. (If you get no warning, press “Cancel” instead of editing the page.)
The name of the extension shown should tell you what to install in your subwikis to get the same macro in the subwiki, too.

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Many thanks @ClemensRobbenhaar

I think the problem’s root is that the inheritance between main wiki and subwiki is not working correctly

I’ve a few problems in my wiki where i am not sure where the reason is