Social Login extension button simply redirects to login page

I cannot get the recommended Social Login extension to work: Social Login Application.

I have followed the steps outlined, which include:

  • Setting up API keys and adding them to the /WEB-INF/ file
  • Setting xwiki.authentication.authclass= in the xwiki.cfg
  • Copying the login.vm in place of the existing one for my template
  • Adding the Google login to the SocialLogin admin page

One step listed that I did not complete was adding XWiki.SocialLoginTranslations as an internationalization bundle in the wiki admin section. This option does not appear on my page.

The end result of all of this is the following view:

When I click the misaligned hyperlink, it simply redirects me to the login page. When I hover over the link it displays the destination as: http:/ where xxxxxxxx is a random character string. How was this link ever going to reach Googles servers? It’s clearly redirecting to the current page.

What is going on here? Does the plugin still work? Having followed the basic instructions listed on the plugin site, I’m left with a funny looking hyperlink, that simply redirects back to the page I’m on.

Why do you say it’s recommended? I don’t see it in the list of recommended extensions from . I can find it only after clicking on Browse all extensions.

It’s not in the Recommended Extension section but on the User Authentication wiki page its suggested as a solution to Social Login