Some Problems occuring after Update to version 10.10

Hey guys, i have 2 major problems since the update, hope you can help:

  1. Partially strange visualisation of picture-attachments.
    Some Pictures are shown in a very bad resolution but are linked to attachments which are perfectly fine.
    Is there any new “show pictures in load-time-friendly-Mode”? Im wondering because its not affecting all
    of the picture attachments, just randomly.

  2. Errormessage uploading/deleting attachments. I get the messages (could not be uploaded/deleted) on every single attachment, but the actions are performed normally. What could be the reason?


Wow…nobody else facing that or similar problems?

Sounds desperate…but i am…=)…nobody???

Please, provide more details to reproduce the problem. I also have 10.10 so I can try to check it out…