Source Code disappear in WYSIWYG?

After Update 12.3 is Source Code view dissappear from WYSIWYG? And editing prozess is really changed, it is not comfortable now! I want it back from earlier Version :wink:


The Source view is not available at the moment when editing in-place (12.3+) but we’re planning to add it. If the Source view is very important to you then you can configure your user profile to be an advanced user and edit the page by selecting the WYSIWYG entry from the Edit drop down, instead of clicking directly on the Edit button. Or you can simply configure your user profile to use the Wiki editor instead of the WYSIWYG editor.

Besides the missing Source view and are there any other things you don’t like about the in-place edit in XWiki 12.3? What else makes it comfortable to use? I would love to get more feedback from you.


  1. Thanks for quick reply! As you can see from the screenshot, when i have very long artickle, the editing tools fixed down. But i can not see then save button. Woud it is not better to do it fixed top?

  2. When i save and check my article, it shows me only the edited chapter but not the whole article what i really think must be. I am sure it was so in old version.

  3. Editing tools are only then active, when i click in editing window, but not immediately i klick editing button. It was better in old version also.

See my comment on

If you ask me I would always keep the toolbar floating at the top of the editing area, but unfortunately there’s no easy way to achieve that with CKEditor.

So we agree on that, but it’s not easy to fix.

I don’t understand this part.

So basically you would like the content area to be focused (rather than the title) after the Edit button is clicked. I received this suggestion from others.


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With this comment i mean that after Save and check article it does not jump to the top of the article, as it was in older version, but shows only the edited part. For me personally it is uncomfortable.

So you have a very long page, you click Edit to start editing in-place, you scroll down and you do some change then click Save & View. At this point you prefer the page to be scrolled back to the top. My take on this is that others will be annoyed if this happens because they loose the context. I think many users verify their changes after saving (e.g. to make sure it was saved). So if the page is scrolled to the top then they need to scroll the page back down to find the place they changed and see if it looks OK. Scrolling the page to the top (a fixed point) is easier to do for a user than to find again the place they edited in the middle of the long page. That’s why I preferred to keep the context after Save & View.