Strange search behaviour

I got some strange solr search behaviour.
I created a page, full page reference “xwiki:Сервера.WebHome”. Note the name of page - it is in Russian.
Then I created a subpage “xwiki:Сервера.c-prmnipi-slip.corp.WebHome”. Now it in English, but contains dot in name.
And added ‘foobar’ (without quotes) word in this page. Search couldn’t found it.
Reindexing solr gives nothing - solr can’t find ‘foobar’ in “xwiki:Сервера.c-prmnipi-slip.corp.WebHome”. No errors in catalina.out during reindexing.
As a test I created a page “xwiki:Sandbox.test-page-new.new1.WebHome”. Also put ‘foobar’ there - and search immediately find it. Also it found ‘foobar’ in “xwiki:Sandbox.новая-тестовая-страница.тут.WebHome” page, with Russian name. And also it found it in “xwiki:Sandbox.новая-тестовая-страница.тут.новая-новая-страница.вторая level.WebHome” - subpage with russian name with dot and space of page with russian name.

Very strange.

How I can fix it?
Regards, Vadim

The page name or title doesn’t influence the way the page is indexed by Solr. The page language matters though. Do all your test pages have the same language?

Hi Marius!
Thank you for reply, I thought that all forgot about my question… I did some tests in new installation, all pages only in one default language. Search works as expected, it find all foobar occurrences. So, because I do not plan to use i18n in my wiki, this strange behaviour is not actually matter for my current installation.
But thank you for the help…