Strange upgrade Problem 11.5 -> 11.6 (Closed)



I am confused about a strange behavior after the of my main wiki. I have upgraded from 11.5 to 11.6. After the upgrade I see this in the Extensions Manager:


Deaktualisieren is the German word for downgrade.

Should I downgrade everything and try upgrading via the extension manager ?




Your screenshot doesn’t include the top bar of the Extension Manager which has a drop down list that controls what you’re looking at: Installed Extensions, Core Extensions, etc.

I assume you’re looking at Installed Extensions and you have subwikis, in which case the list includes extensions installed in the subwikis. From the main wiki you can manage the extensions that are installed anywhere (main wiki, subwiki, on farm). If you click on “Show details” you should be able to see in which wiki each listed extension is installed.

Moreover, you should be aware that the action buttons (like Downgrade) depend on the version being listed and on the version currently installed. If an older version (that the one currently installed) is listed then the Downgrade button is displayed. If a newer version than the one currently installed is listed then the Upgrade button is shown. If not version is installed then the Install button is shown (for the listed version).

In any case, you probably just need to upgrade your subwikis.



You are right the screenshot contains the installed extensions list.

Strange for me is that this is the main Xwiki Extensions Manager. And as you can see in this screenschot


the Extensions Manager wants me to downgrade, but the main Xwiki is already upgraded to 11.6.
I checked all subwikis and every subwiki is already upgraded to 11.6.

Whe checking the Extensions Manager in one of my subwikis I see this:


Strange isn’t it ?

What can I do ?



You definitely have a subwiki with the 11.5 installed as otherwise it would not be listed in “installed extensions”. Could you check what you have in the first tabs (Details), it tells you where exactly this extension is installed as @mflorea indicated.




When I look in the subwiki referenced I see this:


But there is only an Uninstall button.
Should I reinstall the Extension ?



You are looking at the installed extension so yes all you can do is uninstall it. If you want to upgrade it you first need to look at the version you want to install. Either you switch to “All Extensions” and search for " Rendering Administration Application" or let the Updater find updates for your installed extensions.



The Updater made it. There were a colored mix of versions installed. I dont know how this happened, but there were part with version 8.3.

After five rounds with the Updater I achieved to upgrade everything but these two:


When I press the Upgrade button a process tab comes up for a glimpse and then vanishes leaving everything unmodified.



Those two are standard dependencies of the XWiki Standard flavor, sounds like you did not executed the Distribution Wizard on that wiki.

The other problem is that one of those is the very UI you are currently using so there might be incompatibilities between your UI and the current server (that’s what the Distribution Wizard is for: upgrade things that needs to be upgraded before accessing a UI that might not work well).



Does it make sense to export the content, trash the wiki and reload the content ?
Or is it really dead ?
It is not really much content in this wiki if necessary I could rebuild the content.



it doesnt worked with the backup. I dropped the wiki and recreated it. Now everything fine.