Stuck on XWiki is initializing (50%)

So long story short we had our xwiki install corrupted, was on VM, someone merged snapshots and corrupted a bunch of stuff. Rather than chase my tail, I’m just rebuilding from ground up. I originally built first one, so figured it wouldn’t be too much of a headache.

I have the sqldump backed up, as well as most (if not all) of the configuration files from my install. So I first got the version installed that we originally had, to avoid compatibility issues (enterprise-tomcat7 =7.2). Everything went well with initial install. Then I applied my sqldump, and that was accepted by mysql.

The issue is, now when I try to hit localhost:8080/xwiki… it simply sits @ XWiki is initializing (50%)…

I’ve looked through the /var/log/mysql and /var/log/tomcat7 files but nothing reflecting any issues. Can anyone direct me to someplace else to look? I can’t seem to locate any other log files, and it’s been sitting @ this screen for a solid 30min, so I know something’s wrong…

And I did already bump the memory for tomcat to 1024m

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

Just reverted and did only db merge and data is good, config somewhere is hosed in some way, not sure how to get a crumb of whats stopping it at initializing tho.


Is this simply a stupid question, or is it something nobody knows? I would think it would be something you guys have run across before, the need to debug a locked up initialization process that is.

If nobody can provide any useful input, can anybody suggest elsewhere that might have a more active forum for stuff like this? Thought I was in the right place, but clearly am not.

Sorry, I’ve never run into this nor remember anyone running into such a problem. I can point you to but I guess you’ve already read and tried everything there.

You could check the request done in your browser (browser dev tools) and try to call that URL manually and see the result you get and post it back.

If you need some guaranteed response time you could also check

You should check your memory, see mysql - XWiki failing to initialize - Stack Overflow :slight_smile:

Too bad you cross-posted and I only saw it now, that would have saved me 15 minutes of my time :slight_smile: (but don’t worry, I understand, now 3 days is not that bad…)

Too bad, Clemens is not on this forum! This forum is supposed to be THE place to get support.

One possibility for the “stuck” init is the mail resender which is synchronous (blocks xwiki starts) ATM.

See Loading... (and Loading...).

The workaround is: Loading...


#-# [Since 12.9RC1]
#-# Decides if XWiki should resend automatically mails that were prepared but not sent, at restart.
#-# Note that emails that were in the prepare_error state are not resent since they failed to be saved and thus cannot
#-# be resent.
# mail.sender.database.resendAutomaticallyAtStartup = true